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Geographic Address Management


Address Validation: Release notes

Release Dolly:

Readiness status: MEF Published standard.


Release Celine:

Readiness status: Requested Letter Ballot. It will be most likely published as a standard in this form.

List of changes in the API:


Release Billie:

List of changes in the API:

GeographicAddressIdentifier renamed to GeographicAddressLabel

Readiness status: Work in progress and is subject to change

Release: Aretha

List of changes in the API:

  • Added sellerId and buyerId to query parameters for each endpoint
  • /geographicAddress/{id}/get
    • Removed
    • fields parameter
    • Change response 201 (Created) to 200 (OK) because the response is not persisted
  • GeographicAddress:
    • Changed @type to discriminator
    • Read-only:
    • Id
    • Href
    • allowsNewSite
    • hasPublicSite
    • associatedGeographicAddress
    • Refactored:
    • fieldedAddress, formattedAddress, geographicLocation, globalAddressId from single ref attributes to "allOf" pattern
    • validGeographicAddress split to bestMatchGeographicAddress and alternateGeographicAddress
    • Removed:
    • validationDate
  • GeographicAddressValidation_Create
    • Added
    • provideAlternative - mandatory for compliancy with TMF
  • GeographicSubAddress
    • Removed:
    • Id
  • MefGeographicPoint
    • Merged with MEFGeographicLocation
    • Added:
    • z - elevation
  • GlobalAddressId
    • Renamed to GeographicAddressIdentifier
  • RelatedPlaceRefOrValue - removed
  • Error409 - removed

Readiness status: Work in progress and is subject to change

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