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LSO API SDK Releases

Download convenient packages of entire SDK releases. 


New versions of the LSO API SDKs are released approximately every 6 months. There is one SDK per LSO Interface Reference Point (IRP), e.g., LSO Sonata SDK, LSO Cantata SDK, etc.

Since December 2020, each release has been named alphabetically:


The SDK release of an IRP contains all artifacts applicable, including:

  • API specifications.
  • API developer guides (available to MEF members only).
  • Release notes.
  • Business requirements and use cases.
  • Product or service specifications and documentation.
  • All relevant additional documentation.
  • Pre-blended API schemas (where applicable).


Choose from two types of SDK packages: 

  • Public: with artifacts available publicly. Download these zip files from GitHub.
  • Extended: with artifacts available to MEF-members only (including API developer guides). Download these zip files from the MEF GitHub. How do I access MEF GitHub?

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