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Google Cloud Connect Product Payload


The LSO Google Cloud Connect product payload enables automation of pre-order, order and product inventory external-facing processes related to access to Google Cloud services.

Defined Products

  • Google Cloud Connect (pre-standard)

Attributes Definition

The attributes of this product are not correlated to any MEF standard. Instead, they are based on inputs from MEF members that have proprietary Google cloud connect offerings and/or experience of using such offerings.


LSO APIs result from blending LSO Payloads into LSO Envelopes. Choose and combine exact combinations of LSO APIs and LSO Payloads into a single zip file for download using the MEF LSO API Blending Tool.

To blend this payload:

  1. Go to the LSO API Blending Tool
  2. Choose the relevant LSO API Release (e.g. LSO Grace), LSO Interface (e.g. LSO Sonata), and LSO API (e.g. Quote). 
  3. Under LSO Payload Release, choose Experimental.

Product Schema

Download the Google Cloud Connect payload schemas for these defined products on GitHub:

Grace Release Product Schemas (ZIP)

* Payload product schemas are publicly available on GitHub. How do I access MEF GitHub?

Release Notes

Current version of the schema for this product:

This is the first pre-standard release of the schema.

* Payload release notes are publicly available on GitHub. How do I access MEF GitHub?

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