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Network Resource Provisioning



The Presto NRP allows requesting the ICM to create connectivity or functionality associated with specific Service Components of an end-to-end Connectivity Service within the domain managed by each ICM. Presto may also allow the ICM to describe Resources and capabilities it can instantiate. 


This API is a work-in-progress draft.

Business Requirements & Use Cases

This API is based on:

MEF 59 Network Resource Management – Information Model: Connectivity

MEF 60 Network Resource Provisioning – Interface Profile Specification

All MEF LSO APIs are based on MEF standards describing the business requirements and use cases (i.e. business logic) implemented in the API.

Developer Guide

MEF 60 Network Resource Provisioning – Interface Profile Specification also covers the scope of the developer guide.

MEF developer guides* provide detailed documentation to help developers implement APIs more quickly, including:

  • Data model diagrams
  • Sequence diagrams
  • Explanation of use cases
  • Examples

* API developer guides are only available to MEF members on GitHub. How do I access MEF GitHub?

Test Requirements

There are no test requirements documented for this API. 


Additional Details


Release Info

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API Schema

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