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Geographic Site Management



This API allows the Buyer to retrieve geographic site information, including exact formats for geographic sites known to the Seller.


This API has been approved as a published MEF-standardized API.

Business Requirements & Use Cases

This API is based on:

MEF 79 Address, Service Site, and Product Offering Qualification Management – Requirements and Use Cases

All MEF LSO APIs are based on MEF standards describing the business requirements and use cases (i.e. business logic) implemented in the API.

Developer Guide

MEF 122 LSO Cantata and LSO Sonata Site Management API - Developer Guide

MEF developer guides* provide detailed documentation to help developers implement APIs more quickly, including:

  • Data model diagrams
  • Sequence diagrams
  • Explanation of use cases
  • Examples

* API developer guides are available on GitHub. How do I access MEF GitHub?

Test Requirements

This LSO API is included in the detailed test requirements document*:

MEF W92.1 - LSO Cantata/Sonata Test Requirements

This document lays out general test requirements and specific test cases, enabling implementers of LSO APIs to build test harnesses for DevOps more quickly.

* LSO API test requirements are available on the wiki. How do I access the MEF Wiki?


Additional Details


Implementation Support

Find assistance to accelerate your LSO API implementation through third-party LSO API Solution Providers on

Implementation Partners

Find service providers ready to automate business with you using LSO APIs on the LSO Partners Directory on

Blending LSO APIs

LSO APIs result from blending LSO Payloads into LSO Envelopes​. Choose and combine exact combinations of LSO APIs and LSO Payloads into a single zip file for download using the MEF LSO API Blending Tool.​

MEF Onboarding & Interop Test Service

Implementations of this API can be tested against both Buyer and Seller emulators in the MEF OIT Service* to accelerate onboarding by partners.

* MEF OIT Service is only available to MEF members.

API Certification

Implementations of this API can be certified as conforming to the business requirements and use case standard through the MEF 3.0 LSO API Certification program.

* Certification is only available to MEF members.

Release Info

See the RELEASE NOTES tab at top of page.

Download the entire SDK release; see all LSO API SDK Releases.

API Schema

Find the YAML file for this API in the relevant TAB at top of page.

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